Lava SmartPhone Launch Date and Launch Price in India

Discover Lava SmartPhone launch dates and prices in India through our easy-to-read data. This table offers a quick glimpse of when each Lava model was released and its corresponding price. Stay informed about the evolution of Lava in the Indian market, making your upgrade decisions a breeze.

Prices mentioned below of each smart phone is without bank discount/Offer

Model Name Ram Storage Launched Price Launched Date Link
Lava Yuva 3 4GB 64 GB Rs 6,799 2 February 2024 Amazon
Lava Yuva 3 4GB 128 GB Rs 7,299 2 February 2024 Amazon
Lava Storm 5G 8 GB 128 GB Rs.13,499 21 December 2023 Amazon
Lava Yuva 3 Pro 8 GB 128 GB Rs 8,999 15 December 2023
Lava Blaze 2 5G 4 GB 64 GB Rs.9,999 2 November 2023 Amazon
Lava Blaze 2 5G 6 GB 128 GB Rs.10,999 2 November 2023 Amazon